Defective Products / Product Liability

Think you haven’t put your life in the hands of a product’s designer, manufacturer or distributor lately? Think again. Defective products lead to thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in damages every year — and you could have legal rights if you have been injured due to a poorly designed or faulty product.

Product liability lawsuits can arise from situations such as:

  • Faulty car airbags or seatbelts
  • Defective tire treads
  • Children’s toys that have loose parts or toxic materials
  • Unreported substances such as lead or asbestos

Injuries related to defective products can range from minor ones to burns, bruises, brain damages, and even death. In fact, the entire area of product liability law was designed to govern over the ways in which products are designed, manufactured, distributed. Consumers who are injured by a defective product can sue the product’s manufacturer for financial compensation to help offset the costs of their injury, which can range from present and future medical treatment to rehabilitation and physical therapy, psychiatric treatment, and lost wages.

Product liability law is a distinct and complex area of personal injury law and can involve strict time limits, burdens of proof, and evidentiary requirements. For this reason, it is recommended that victims never “go it alone” when they seek compensation from a large corporation or manufacturer. Their chances of prevailing are greatly increased when they join forces with a product liability attorney with personal injury experience and a successful track record.

If you pursue a product liability lawsuit, expect an extensive investigation of the circumstances of your injury and the product itself, including expert testimony where necessary and a great deal of preparation to prove your case in court. Sound daunting? Don’t fear. Want more information? Call today for a free case evaluation.

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