Birth Injury

A birth should be a cause of elation, not a confusing and devastating event. Unfortunately, between 6 and 8 births per 1000 involve some form of birth injury.

Birth injuries can occur due to:

  • Medical negligence or malpractice, in which a doctor or midwife fails to diagnose a condition such as breech birth
  • Forceps or vacuum suction assisted delivery
  • Normal pressures in the birth canal during birth
  • Failure to call for Cesearean delivery in cases of large birth weight, prematurity, or other risk factors

Some birth injuries occur naturally, but many others are caused by doctors who miss the mark and fail to assess that the baby is too small or too large for a normal delivery. This can put both mother and baby at risk, causing lifelong consequences such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or brain and nerve damage or shorter-term problems like bruises, scalp swelling, and other minor traumas. Many birth injuries are minor, but more serious injuries can interfere with a child’s development, growth, and ability to lead a normal life in the future. Early detection is possible, and doctors who fail to perform their duties should be taken to task for their negligence.

Parents whose children are born with birth injuries do have legal rights — they can fight back! Damages can be sought to compensate for the costs of dealing with the injury and its long-term effects on the child…but the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney is recommended to deal with these sensitive and medically complex issues.

This extremely sensitive and important issue is gaining more attention in the United States every year — but many don’t pursue the compensation they deserve for their baby’s ordeal. Don’t become a statistic — fight back! We can help. Contact us today for a free case consultation and more information on birth injury and personal injury litigation.

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