Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the primary industries in the United States — and it’s also one of the most dangerous. Recent crane collapses have drawn national attention to construction accidents — but what happens when you’re one of the victims? If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, we can help.

Here are some important statistics on construction accidents:

  • Men between the ages of 24 and 34 are at highest risk for a construction accident.
  • Falls, equipment, and parts and materials cause the bulk of all construction-related injuries.
  • Serious injuries on construction sites are more common than not — most workers missed an average of over one month of work after their injury.
  • Construction accident incidence is as high as ten percent.

The causes of construction accidents can vary widely from victim to victim but can include electrocution, falling objects, collapsing scaffolding, puncture wounds, equipment malfunctions, misuse of heavy machinery, and simple inattention or fatigue. And the consequences can be lifelong or even fatal — everything from paralysis to necessary amputations to brain injuries to death can result from construction accidents. Loss of wages and essential income can occur; in addition, many workers must be rehabilitated into another career and suffer from severe psychological and emotional trauma due to their injuries.

Often, victims of construction accidents expect to collect a minimal workers’ compensation or insurance settlement and move on. However, some cases can be tried in civil court, and compensation for associated costs and damages can be sought. Wrongful death claims can also be pursued by the heirs of a decedent who was killed in a construction-related profession. In order to pursue a construction accident related personal injury claim, you need professional support. Call today a free case consultation.

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